No, Destiny 2 Is Not Getting A New Engine, And It Never Will

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is in an interesting spot as of late. Following Bungie’s departure from Activision, the game has continued to improve and thrive, which has put players in the position of wondering what the future holds for the popular title. Well, a lot, but one thing it will definitely never be getting is a new engine.

The recent TWAB was full of technical details about Destiny 2 and what is changing to prepare for the arrival of Beyond Light, which sparked discussions about a new engine coming to the game. This sort of thing pops up once in awhile, and since Bungie will be focusing on the current game instead of moving forward with another entry, fans continue to wonder if a new engine will be implemented.

It’s not happening. In fact, Bungie confirmed this two months ago during a Reddit AMA (thanks to Forbes), but due to the release of a technical-heavy TWAB this past week, some people began to think a new engine was inbound, which then caused the comments from the AMA to resurface. According to Bungie engineering manager Chris Kosanovich:

“Regarding the engine, Aldridge may speak to this more but every engine I’ve ever used has strengths and weaknesses. I certainly would not classify the Destiny engine as ‘archaic’ and I certainly wouldn’t want to try to build Destiny in any other engine. Of course there are processes that are slow and we’re making improvements to address our tech debt. Not totally sure what you mean about a ‘new engine in future titles’ but we updated the engine from D1 to D2 and continue to update the engine during D2 development. We’ll never make a whole new engine and move destiny to it, but any future games that Bungie makes wouldn’t necessarily need to use the Destiny tech if it doesn’t make sense for that game.”

And there you have it – Destiny 2 is never getting a new engine. Improvements will continue to show up here and there, but a new engine will not be one of them. Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as we learn more about the popular title, and for other gaming goodness going on right now, check out the following:

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