New The Defenders Teaser Shows Fatigued Team – Release Date Confirmed (VIDEO)

The Defenders Teaser

Marvel’s The Defenders will see Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist come together to clean up New York City. With Iron Fist recently being released on Netflix, all four heroes have been introduced and the stage is set. All there is left to wait for is the show’s release. Thanks to the new The Defenders teaser, fans now know when to expect the first season to air. Well, it’s hinted at in a very sneaky way, but it has been confirmed via other means.

While the Defenders teaser is only 16 seconds in length, a lot can be learned from it. The group seems to be rather exhausted after getting on an elevator. As can be seen in the video, this particular elevator happens to be on the 45th floor of Midland Circle Financial, which was the company behind that giant hole in Daredevil‘s second season. The heroes regain composure for a moment, but only before Jessica Jones spots a camera. It’s at this point that she jumps up, destroys the device, and the video ends. Check out the video, which was uploaded by Series Trailer MP, below:

Earlier this year, Entertainment Weekly got to visit the set of the upcoming Netflix show. During their time there, it was learned how the foursome came to be in that elevator. Well, it certainly seems like a good enough reason to be there. Here is the given description about the team’s first encounter:

Each Defender has arrived separately at the offices of Midland Circle (a name that should sound familiar to Daredevil fans as the shady operation behind a giant, literal plot hole in season 2), and none of them expected to cross paths. But before they can properly meet and greet, the four have wound up trapped in the middle of a corridor and must brawl their way past a group of enemies.”

However, this wasn’t everything that was revealed or hinted at in the Defenders teaser. When Jones breaks the camera, a time stamp of 08:18:20:17 is left in the upper right corner. This would lead fans to believe the show will be premiering on August 18, 2017. Thanks to the recently uploaded, that release date has been confirmed. The website is for the New York Bulletin Archive. This, of course, is the fictional newspaper that covers stories about the group of heroes. At the bottom of the page, it says, “Watch “Marvel’s The Defenders” All Episodes Streaming Only on Netflix August 18.” The Defenders premiere date: Confirmed. Case closed… or is it just opening?

How is this all going to play out? Are the Defenders going to get along when they first meet? Can fans expect the butting of heads, or are they all going to play nicely? Drop a comment in the appropriate section below, or start a conversation over on the DFTG Disqus channel. As always, be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7! If more reading is desired, check out the following:

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