Dead By Daylight Roadmap Revealed For Year 3 (VIDEO)

Dead By Daylight Roadmap

Since the game’s initial release in June 2016, Dead By Daylight has been providing fans with exhilarating and terrifying gameplay. As the game approaches its third anniversary, the teams at Behaiour Interactive and Starbreeze Studios have released the Dead by Daylight Roadmap for year 3. To make the announcement of everything they have in store for gamers, the developers released a video discussing where they are now and where they plan to be:

As it is clear to see in the video, the teams are committed to improving the foundations of their current base. Squashing bugs and making vast improvements to the game is at the forefront of their priority list that they will be attacking in the three months leading up to the anniversary in June. The team also announced that they are going to making some changes in the way they approach content rollout, by releasing to PC via a PTB (Public Test Build) to ensure for a smooth release before pushing to consoles.

In case you missed the plans for the upcoming year, here is a breakdown of everything they discussed on the Dead By Daylight roadmap:

  • 4 new survivors
  • 4 new killers
  • 4 new maps
  • A new progression system allowing players to unlock non-licensed survivors and killers by playing actively
  • New paid cosmetic items that won’t impact the gameplay with most of them unlockable by playing too, whether you play a lot or more casually.
  • A new ranking system for a more meaningful, more inclusive and more rewarding progress.
  • A new deployment process to trial new features and content on PC first, using PTB, meaning we can push it to all platforms as soon as it feels ready, rather than as soon as we can.
  • An anti-cheat reinforcement to help make Dead by Daylight a better place for all players.
  • A tutorial mode to improve new players’ onboarding and allow anyone to brush up their skills before going into ranked games.
  • Better tools to handle toxicity
  • Dedicated mid-chapter patches to make sure the content is as clean as possible, to look at some of the balancing element, but also to add quality of life improvements and polish when needed

Dead By Daylight Roadmap

What do you think of all the changes seen coming this year in the Dead By Daylight roadmap? What killers do you think will be added to the game? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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