Dead By Daylight dating sim Hooked on You

Dead By Daylight Dating Sim Aims To Cure Your Monster Thirst

Following the information-filled anniversary showcase for Dead By Daylight, which highlighted one of the most grotesque monsters in the game’s history, it looks like fans can expect some much more…

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Dead By Daylight The Dredge

Dead By Daylight’s Next Killer Is A Horrifying Boogeyman (VIDEO)

​Asymmetrical survival title Dead by Daylight is still basking in murderous mayhem 5 years since it debuted, and developer Behavior Interactive celebrated the title’s extended longevity with a recent 6th…

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Dead By Daylight Saw Jigsaw

New Dead By Daylight Saw Crossover Brings Back Jigsaw (VIDEO)

Dead by Daylight has initiated crossovers with dozens of movie properties over the years, but Behaviour Interactive is preparing to bring back one of its biggest for an all-new event….

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Dead By Daylight Ringu Chapter Summons Cult-Favorite Horror Series (VIDEO)

Dead By Daylight Ringu Chapter Summons Cult-Favorite Horror Series (VIDEO)

As online gaming becomes more and more ubiquitous with video gaming, new genres have been able to find a way to work in an online gaming context. This has been…

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Dead by Daylight Resident Evil

Dead By Daylight Reveals Resident Evil Chapter (VIDEO)

It’s been about a month since a Resident Evil chapter was teased for popular asymmetrical horror game Dead by Daylight. That said, to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Behaviour…

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Resident Evil Dead By Daylight

Resident Evil Dead By Daylight Collab Announced, Full Reveal In May (VIDEO)

The gaming industry has many beloved horror franchises, with one of the most iconic for the genre being the Resident Evil series. The franchise is set to have a big…

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Dead by Daylight Binding of Kin Twins

Dead By Daylight Binding Of Kin Chapter Features Terrifying Twins (VIDEO)

Dead by Daylight is often seen as the go-to asymmetrical horror experience, offering players an opportunity to play as a vicious killer hunting survivors or a survivor attempting to evade…

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dead by daylight

Dead By Daylight Descend Beyond Chapter Adds The Blight (VIDEO)

Dead By Daylight revealed the official Descend Beyond chapter trailer to show off the latest killer and survivor to join the ranks of the horror-survival experience. In all his radiant,…

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Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight To Up The Ante On Graphics For Next-Gen Consoles (VIDEO)

Dead By Daylight the massively played 4v1 horror game has promised fans a feast for the eyes in their latest update The Realm Beyond which will be start with the…

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dead by daylight ch 17

Dead By Daylight Chapter 17 Teaser Revealed (VIDEO)

Dead By Daylight, an asymmetrical horror game that pits multiple players against one killer. As a killer, the goal is to murder all survivors, but as the latter part –…

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