Darksiders Genesis Strife Trailer Highlights The Witty Gunslinger (VIDEO)

Darksiders Genesis Strife

Darksiders fans were curiously delighted at the announcement of Darksiders Genesis, a spinoff prequel of the original three Darksiders games. The top-down action RPG promises a bold new direction for the series that remains truthful to the characters established in the series so far. This will include horseman War, as well as Strife, who is now playable for the first time in the series’s history. War and his sword have been seen in action plenty before, but Strife is just now being shown off for the first time. To help familiarize him to players, a new Darksiders Genesis Strife trailer has been released by THQ Nordic.

THQ Nordic unveiled the new Darksiders Genesis Strife trailer on their official Darksiders YouTube channel. The last remaining horseman to star in these games (besides Bojack) finally gets his chance to shine, and this trailer gives a good glimpse into his personality. The trailer shows Strife twirling his pistols around like an old west gunman and taking out enemies, before exclaiming “Dammit! I got blood on my boots!” This seems to indicate Strife will exhibit some more modern personality traits and mannerisms.


The rest of the trailer displays his variety of colorful short and long-range attacks, using his pistols to eliminate foes. Darksiders Genesis releases on PC and Stadia next week on December 5th, while the console versions of the game launch on February 14th next year. Hopefully, this wait won’t give Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 users too much Strife (internally). What do you guys think about this new Darksiders Genesis Strife trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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