The Creation Club is Now Live in Latest Fallout 4 PC Update – Full Details Here

When Bethesda announced their new system of monetizing mods and new content through the implementation of the Creation Club, it was meant to be a compromise between the company and their community. With the latest Fallout 4 PC update going live, the Creation Club is now accessible as well as a few other changes to the game.

There was a lot of controversy that created a divide between Bethesda and its player base back with the paid mod fiasco regarding Skyrim. Many felt like the monetization of free mods was unfair to those who enjoy these in-game modifications. Many felt like the modders deserved compensation for their work, while others thought that what has been free up until this point should continue to remain so. Just after a few days from the paid mod system went up, it was quickly pulled from the Valve Workshop with a message from the company stating, “It’s become clear we didn’t know exactly what we were doing.”

The Creation Club serves as a balance between the two ideals, giving content creators the ability to monetize certain creations while giving new content a home for fruition. This new hub will be a place for new content from both developers and other players to show off their new in-game goods to share with the rest of the community. This move was also made in hopes of bridging the gap between modders and developers, giving modders a more inclusive role within Fallout’s development.

It’s important to notate that this will not affect any pre-existing mods. Those that have already been made public for free will not suddenly be pay-to-own. A quality check system has also been put into place making it to where all new content must pass Q&A testing to ensure compatibility with other mods and with the game itself. Peter Hines, Bethesda marketing head, also stated that additional content found in the Creation Club are more akin to “mini DLCs” rather just a generic mod.

To start out, anyone interested will be given 100 credits of digital currency to check out everything Creation Club has to offer. If players enjoy the way it works and wish to contribute by purchasing additional content/mods, more credits can be purchased digitally.

In addition to the Creation Club going live, a few new adjustments were made including bug fixes, balance tweaks, and the addition of a “Message of the Day”. Overall game stability, ESL file format support, and general fixes can all be seen in the latest patch for the Fallout 4 PC version.

What are your thoughts on the Creation Club introduced by Bethesda? Do you feel like it’s a smart compromise between the two spectrums of paid vs. non-paid? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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