Call Of Duty: Black Ops IV Blackout Map Shows Fan-Favorite Hotspots

Black Ops IV Blackout Map

It could be argued that no singular game mode has been as impactful on the industry as battle royale mode has been. The mode’s ubiquity, popularized by games such as Fortnite and PUBG, created a new segment of the multiplayer online game landscape, and one that many popular games have opted to latch onto. The mode’s lasting impact seemed to be confirmed when Activision announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops IV would have a battle royale mode – Blackout. Recently, a multiplayer beta was held that gave players a chance to experience the Blackout map for themselves.

To provide fans with some of the insight gained from the multiplayer beta, Treyarch released a special Black Ops IV Blackout map image on their official Twitter account that highlights some of the more popular hotspots on the map. The yellow highlights in the image indicate where player activity occurred during gameplay, with larger clusters of yellow designating the more popular locations. The hotspots certainly seem spread out, so it looks like the map has been designed fairly well for players to find something worth finding no matter where they land when the match starts.

Some of the most frequently visited spots include areas that pay homage to previous Call of Duty maps, including Nuketown Island and the Asylum from Zombie Mode. Other major highlights include the Hydro Dam, Rivertown and the Construction site. The map boasts many features and is sure to rival Fortnite’s iconic map in scope and variety. Hopefully Black Ops IV remembers to compete in the dancing emote features as well.

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