BREAKING – Alien: Covenant Trailer Announced OFFICIAL (VIDEO)

Alien: Covenant Trailer

Over the last few days Alien Anthology has been teasing us with images leading up to the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s next movie in the Prometheus/Alien franchise. Today we received a 15 second teaser that simply says “Tomorrow.” It looks like we’re getting that Alien: Covenant trailer for Christmas! Holy buckets are we freaking excited!

Ridley Scott has confirmed via the that Alien: Covenant and 2 other follow up films will create a chain linking Prometheus to the events of the 1979 film Alien that started the whole series. At this time Alien: Covenant has been confirmed to release May 19th 2017. As for the teaser, check it out for yourselves.

Stay Tuned to DFTG for the coverage on the trailer for the next installment in the Alien franchise as it unfolds!

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