Jared Leto

New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Shows Jared Leto in His Creepy Villain Role (VIDEO)

Jared Leto has been known to take on some interesting roles in his acting career, and it would appear his character in the upcoming sequel to 1982’s Blade Runner is…

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Alien Covenant Clip Reveals Frightening Facehugger Encounter (VIDEO)

This is one snuggle bug you do NOT want to mess with! In a new clip from the upcoming Alien Covenant film, viewers get their first real glimpse at the…

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TV Spots

Fox Releases Three New TV Spots for Alien: Covenant – “Run, Pray, Hide” (VIDEO)

With Fox’s newest installment to the ever popular Alien franchise coming soon, the studio is prepping for some serious scares as the day draws ever closer to its release. Recently,…

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BREAKING- Alien: Covenant Official Trailer (VIDEO)

Following a trail of mysterious images released from the set Ridley Scott’s newest film project and then a 15 second teaser that was released early on the morning of December…

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Alien: Covenant Trailer

BREAKING – Alien: Covenant Trailer Announced OFFICIAL (VIDEO)

Over the last few days Alien Anthology has been teasing us with images leading up to the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s next movie in the Prometheus/Alien franchise. Today we…

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Alien: Covenant Photos May Allude to Dates for Timeline Setting

[UPDATE] We have the official trailer, watch here. Original article is as follows: Since Prometheus was released in 2012, the famed Sci-Fi Horror Alien franchise has had a resurgence of…

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First Footage From Blade Runner 2049 (Video)

Just in time for the holidays, Warner Bros. has gifted us our first glimpse of Blade Runner 2. Harrison Ford returns for the sequel to what since opening in 1982 to…

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