Say Hello to Gwenom – Black Suit Spider-Gwen Saga Happening This Fall

Black Suit Spider-Gwen

The alternate universe story of Spider-Gwen has been offering a spectacular, female-focused variation of the webhead since her character’s first introduction in 2014. The Spider-Woman of Earth-65, a.k.a. Gwen Stacy, lives in a world where Peter Parker never became Spider-Man, and she acts as the main web-slinger for that comic book universe. Over time, Spider-Woman has faced a few familiar, yet varyingly different members of Spidey’s rogues gallery, but fans have been waiting for one particular villain to appear since the new Gwen’s debut.

As announced by series writer and co-creator Jason Latour on Twitter, the long-awaited Venom is set to arrive this fall, and will mark the beginning of an all-new black suit Spider-Gwen saga. Concept art featuring the nicknamed “Gwenom” was revealed alongside the official announcement.

Venom’s debut in the world of Spider-Gwen is sure to shake things up, as the villain is usally one of the most fearsome foes Marvel has to offer. It’ll be interesting to see how Latour and series artists Robbi Rodruguez and Rico Renzi will proceed with adapting one of the mainline Spider-Man’s most popular tales, as they’ve done a great job so far. Paired with the fall announcement and some sinister-looking cover art for the upcoming Spider-Gwen #24, it looks as though we can expect Gwenom’s first appearance to be in late September at the earliest, so prepare your eyeballs accordingly.

Black Suit Spider-Gwen
Spider-Gwen #24

Currently, Spider-Woman has been busy with the “Predators” storyline, which sends the heroine on the hunt for a newly Lizard-ified Harry Osborn. Helping with this difficult task are the Earth-65 versions of X-Men members Shadowcat and Wolverine. Over the last few issues, the story has begun setting the seeds for Gwenom’s transformation, with the reveal that this version of the black symbiote was created by Oscorp scientist Dr. Elsa Brock. Brock huh? Where have we heard that name before?

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the black suit Spider-Gwen saga, or are you not a fan of this series? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! If more Spider-news is what you’re looking for, check out these next few links:

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