Head of Xbox Wants Fan Favorite Black Ops II to Become Backwards Compatible

According the Xbox Live’s Backwards Compatibility forum, the current top ranked game requested is Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This is not entirely surprising as Black Ops II was one of the most enjoyed first person shooter (FPS) games from previous console generations.

Black Ops II holds the lead of requested backwards compatible game prospects with a resounding 208,000 plus votes, the next runner up is Skyrim with 172,000 plus votes (Of course we probably won’t see Skyrim added to the backwards compatibility list due to the Anniversary edition that was released for current gen consoles in November of 2016). While fans are eager to hear as to whether or not Black Ops II is actually going to make the cut for backwards compatibility, it should please fans to hear that among the many who want to see this accomplished is the head of Xbox: Phil Spencer himself.

In response to a Tweet, Phil Spencer gave fans assurances that his lack of replies on the topic of bringing Black Ops II to backwards compatibility was not due to a lack of desire to see this happen. He in fact is excited to see Black Ops II become playable on current gen consoles.

Along with revealing his own desire to see Black Ops II join the list, Spencer also informed us that Xbox Project Scorpio is also going to allow backwards compatible games to be played. The Xbox Scorpio will utilize the same system as the Xbox One and therefore will maintain the same list of available games, so it comes as no surprise that this feature will carry over.

For fans of BO II, we may soon have reason to get excited but at this point we can only speculate as to a probable time frame. For now, it’s good to know Spencer is excited about the game as well as the Backward Compatibility program, and it looks like we’ll still be able to play our favorite 360 games on the Scorpio as well … good to know.

What are your thought on Black Ops II as backwards compatible? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, stick around Don’t Feed the Gamers for the latest in gaming news.

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