Salvation or Judgement? For Honor Spotlights the Valkyrie and the Lawbringer (VIDEO)

Ubisoft’s newest IP has quickly become one of 2017’s most highly anticipated games. For Honor revolutionizes the way player vs player combat takes place by putting the players in a medieval struggle for survival. Ubisoft just released two new spotlight trailers, one for the highly skilled and cunning Viking Valkyrie, and one for the Knight’s harbinger of justice, the Lawbringer.

For a Viking, there is no greater honor than dying in battle and being welcomed at the gates of Valhalla with feasting and horns of mead, however not all can achieve an honored death in battle. For those who cannot gain honor through battle, there exists an order who fight to gain honor for those who cannot, the Valkyries. Valkyries choose who will join their brethren in Valhalla and who will perish alone and in shame. They control the battle through swift action and unforgiving strikes, wielders of the spear and shield Valkyries rely on dexterity and speed to wreak havoc on their foes and reap honor for their brethren.

The Valkyries, a warrior order who made a deal with the gods. Each one can earn honor for our fallen dead and in time they can win a place for the deserving but they alone decide for whom they fight. Masters of the spear and shield, scouts, trackers, and perhaps…your only hope.

In a desolate wasteland where chaos rules and blood runs in rivers, there are very few who fight to maintain justice. Those that do are unequaled in skill and armament. Like towering fortresses of Might, the Lawbringer steps onto the battlefield wielding a mighty poleaxe and clad in armor that none have seen the like of before. As the ultimate tank, the Lawbringer brings a sense of impending doom to whomever may have committed wrong, for they are justice.

Where order has broken down, where cruelty and lawlessness rule, Lawbringers are Justice.

The closed Beta for Ubisoft’s For Honor is set to take place January 26th-29th and the game itself is scheduled to release February 14th. What faction will you side with and what do you think of these features classes? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to stay tuned to DFTG for the latest updates and gaming news and until next time remember, if you break the law Justice comes for blood but if you fall in battle you will dine in Valhalla with the gods!

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