Black Desert Online Offers 7-Day Free Trial for MMO Fans to Try Before They Buy

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Black Desert Online was possibly one of the most anticipated MMO’s to be released over the past several years. There was so much excitement for it, and an extraordinary amount of people were really keen to get their hands on it. This excitement only grew when Black Desert Online released their character creator so people could spend many hours (or days… or weeks) playing around with how they wanted their creation to look, making their dreams of total personalization come true.

Sadly, its release fell a little short, especially due to issues with region locking, cost, and certain issues with pre-orders. This gorgeous, open world game just didn’t become as big as was expected. That doesn’t mean it failed, by any means. It has a rather large following of loyal players – just not as many was was expected. Another big problem it faced with its western reception involved the game mechanics themselves, many gamers felt that the overall control the player had over their character was severely lacking and sloppy in a general sense.

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Daum has now stepped up its game, doing what they can to pull more players in. They are now offering a seven day free trial to the title. You can visit the site here if you wish to give it a go. There’s no indication of restrictions for this trial in regards to level cap or where you can go, but if it follows the footsteps of most MMO’s, there will be a level cap that is reached very quickly – but at least you’ll be able to give the game a proper try before any financial commitment takes place.

Offering free trials often brings in plenty of new players. This is definitely a smart move, and plenty of people have already expressed a desire to try the game now that the free trial is on offer.

What are your thoughts on Black Desert Online? Comment below and tell us if you’ve played it or if you’ll give it a go. What’s your favourite class? What other MMO’s do you play? We love hearing from you all, so don’t be shy. Go check out our other MMO news, like Elder Scrolls Online, Star Citizen, and World of Warcraft.

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