Crimson Desert Gameplay Trailer Showcases New Pearl Abyss Project (VIDEO)

Crimson Desert

The big annual event known as The Game Awards is upon us once more, and with it come new game reveals both expected and surprising. While the MMORPG genre has wained somewhat in recent years, it still holds strong in a key few titles. One such MMORPG still going strong has been Black Desert Online, from Korean publisher/developer Pearl Abyss. The developer has shown their prowess with Black Desert Online, and confirmed their new title Crimson Desert a week ago. Now, the new Crimson Desert gameplay trailer has been revealed, showing the game in action, and the fantasy action looks quite stunning.

Pearl Abyss released the new lengthy 5-minute Crimson Desert gameplay trailer on YouTube simultaneously with its premiere at The Game Awards 2020. The trailer shows their “ambitious open-world action adventure” game, set in a medieval fantasy world inhabited by humans, orcs and other staple creatures of the fantasy genre. The vast landscapes seen are varied and quite massive, and look quite breathtaking in next-gen graphics. While no dialogue is heard, we also see an assortment of characters across different class levels and factions, including royalty and wilderness-based warriors.

Crimson Desert

The gameplay portions of the trailer show some incredible third-person combat segments, in several different encounters with standard human enemies and large beasts. These fights also include an incredible amount of ancillary elements, including heavy snowfall, blazing wildfires and blood splatters. We even get to see the player character mounting a dragon at one point. In both the cutscene and gameplay segments, next-gen effects like ray-tracing are well on display, showing an incredibly animated fantasy world for the player to explore. Little else has been revealed about the game, but it is currently slated for a Winter 2021 release. Waiting a year for this is really going to feel like wading through a desert.

What do you guys think about this Crimson Desert gameplay trailer? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to stay tuned for all the other reveals coming out of The Game Awards, such as the new Back 4 Blood trailer showing off the new Left 4 Dead spiritual sequel, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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