Black Bolt has Been Officially Cast in ABC’s Upcoming ‘The Inhumans’

Black Bolt Inhumans

A few years ago, a movie for Marvel Comics’ The Inhumans was planned to join the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). The film was later pulled from the lineup after SpiderMan: Home Coming and Ant-Man and The Wasp were added to the docket. Thankfully, fans of The Inhumans will still get to see the team in live-action, only now they’ll be on the small screen. Now, the leader of the team, Black Bolt, has been cast for the series.

Former Hell on Wheels actor Anson Mount will be heading the new series that is expected to air this fall. Mount also voiced the protagonist of Bethesda’s The Evil Within, Sebastian Castellano. Mount has also appeared in other television shows such as Smallville, Law & Order, and Dollhouse. His newest role will set him as the ruler of of the genetically altered super-humans known as The Inhumans.

Anson Mount

Black Bolt and The Inhumans first appeared in Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four #45. Comic legends Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created the team of super-powered outcasts in 1965. Black Bolt, whose real name is Blackagar Boltagon, has the ability to drawn in the electrons from his immediate environment and unleash the energy by way of his voice. At its peak, his power can be equally compared to that of a nuclear explosion. Even a whisper from the ruler of the Inhumans can be deadly.

The series is slated to release in September 2017. It will air on ABC, and the first two episodes will be released in IMAX theaters, thanks to the partnership between ABC and IMAX. Unfortunately, the first season will only be eight episodes long. If successful, hopefully a second season will have more episodes.

Black Bolt Inhumans

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