BioWare’s New IP is a Sci-Fi Blend of Destiny Meets ‘The Division’ – “Biggest Project Yet”

The reason Mass Effect Andromeda was taken care of by a newer, much smaller studio within BioWare is because the primary focus has been on the mysterious new IP that the team has been working on since 2012. We’ve had little teasers and and there but new details about the newest IP that the original Mass Effect team has been working on at BioWare Edmonton have arisen. Here’s what we know about BioWare’s new project: codename Dylan.

According to Liam Robertson, ‘Unseen64’, in a recent podcast – the team is hard at work on their newest IP in the hopes of integrating themselves further within the popular MMO market, though it will be a much more fleshed out adventure than standard MMO, classifying it as “MMO-lite” like Destiny – but with more of a story. This isn’t BioWare’s first rodeo with MMOs, however, so interest is definitely piqued in what this new project could possibly be.

According to sources, this will be the biggest project the team has ever taken on – and that does include the expansive Andromeda title, which was a sizable game. According to BioWare, the project Dylan will play more like the action adventure titles they are known for, but with MMO aspects to expand playability for a more social experience.

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The game is estimated to drop sometime in March of 2018, making this year’s E3 even more exciting for BioWare fans as that would be the perfect platform to shed some light on this mysterious IP. Though we haven’t been without clues, as previously mentioned. Just last year, Alistair McNally, the Senior Director of Creative Development at BioWare, wore the name of the newest IP brazenly on his name badge without anyone being the wiser. BioWare, they are known for their cheekiness.

Any thoughts on the newest IP? Are you excited for the reintergration of the MMO playstyle – or would you rather focus remain on their single-player IPs such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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  • Jonathan Reply

    May 16, 2017 at 6:35 PM

    All I can say is, as a dedicated fan who enjoyed both the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, if Bioware abandons Mass Effect Andromeda leaves things unfulfilled that I hereby pledge to NEVER buy another Bioware game ever again. I wouldn’t even purchase a Dragon Age game if they abandon Mass Effect Andromeda. Personally I think the Bioware is a fool to venture into MMO territory and I think this “Dylan” IP that they seem to be investing so much time in will flop and I wouldn’t touch it with a ten meter pole even if it was the greatest game ever produced. I want Mass Effect and Dragon Age or nothing at all. Bioware, you are a hair breath away from losing at least one fan forever.

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