BioShock Developer’s Next Game Is An “Ambitious” And Immersive Simulator

New BioShock Game Announcement

Known for his leading work as creative director of the BioShock series, Ken Levine and his team at Ghost Story Games, formerly recognized as Irrational Games, are onto an “ambitious” project. Under Take-Two Interactive’s career listings, the publisher and aforementioned studio are on the look-out for a cinematic narrative scripter. Consequently, the post lends insight onto their next title.

Thanks to this job listing, Take-Two Interactive and Ghost Story Games reveal a tiny crumb of knowledge that gives hopefuls a look into the future of the BioShock creator’s timeline. Currently, both publisher and studio are looking for members to join the team in creating a “creatively ambitious project” in the “immersive sim genre.” Utilizing the Unreal 4 engine, the unannounced simulator will feature “engaging cinematics” for gamers.

Though it’s no secret that Levine’s been actively working on new ideas, details on the team’s plans have been sealed tight behind years of relative quiet. After six years and this sliver of information, fans may begin wondering – will there be another BioShock game? Or perhaps an original brainchild to surprise the industry?

In addition to a cinametic narrative scripter, Ghost Story Games is looking to enlist the help of a level artist, lighting artist, producer, and senior level artist for their mysterious simulator title. Unfortunately, that’s all we have to go on for now but there’s no doubt Levine holds surprises in store.

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