New BioShock Game Announcement

BioShock Developer’s Next Game Is An “Ambitious” And Immersive Simulator

Known for his leading work as creative director of the BioShock series, Ken Levine and his team at Ghost Story Games, formerly recognized as Irrational Games, are onto an “ambitious”…

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Bioshock creator

New Game from BioShock Creator Takes Inspiration from Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System

Since the shutdown of Irrational Games by BioShock creator Ken Levine, fans have been wondering what will be next. The upcoming game from Levine, described as narrative-driven, has been shrouded…

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Ghost Story Games

‘Ghost Story Games’ Rises From the Ashes of ‘Irrational Games’

After nineteen years, a brilliant developer has met its end! Irrational Games has created the likes of Freedom Force, Tribes: Vengeance, SWAT 4, and most notably, the incredibly intriguing Bioshock series. From…

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