Bethesda Had To Make Some Unique Changes To The German Wolfenstein II Version (VIDEO)

German Wolfenstein II

It is well known to many that the Wolfenstein games as a series have always focused on their antagonistic view towards Nazi ideology and its followers. The newer Wolfenstein games published by Bethesda especially leaned into the anti-Nazi stance with its ability to provide more narrative elements within the games, and even within the references to real-life current events in the promotional material for the game. However, given the historical origins of Nazism in Germany, the nation has enforced strict laws about use of Nazi imagery in the media. As such, the German Wolfenstein II version has been censored to comply with these German laws.

The video seen above was posted by Censored Gaming on their YouTube channel, and it shows one of the bigger instances of Wolfenstein II being adjusted to adhere to the German laws regarding Nazi visuals. The American version of the scene shows an older Adolf Hitler being presented with actors who would portray B.J. Blazcowicz in a Nazi-produced film. The German version of the scene has removed Hitler’s infamous short mustache, and instead of being called “Mein Fuhrer”, he is referred to as “Mein Kanzler” or My Chancellor in English.

The rest of the game has also been altered throughout to remove Nazi imagery. All Swastikas have been replaced with a triangular symbol shared by the game’s enemies. While some gamers are upset about the adjustments made to the German version of the game, it is not the first time a game has been altered for a nation’s specific standards. Hopefully, German gamers can still enjoy the game and find awareness of the game’s true focal point of commentary. What do you guys think about the German Wolfenstein II version’s censorship? Let us know in the comments below!

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