Battlefield 1 Now Offering Purchasable Battlepacks – Microtransactions Inbound

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks

Battlefield 1 weapon skins, AKA Battlepacks, are now available to purchase with real world money through microtransactions.

The popular Electronic Arts and DICE game Battlefield 1 (maybe you’ve heard of it) recently began offering Battlepacks in exchange for actual money. Up until this point, these rewards were exclusively obtained through normal game progression in multiplayer, offering random rewards following each match. Microtransactions are nothing new in the Battlefield franchise and are pretty much expected in newer EA titles.

Reward packs can now be bought as a single pack or as multi-pack bundles in these set amounts:

  • 1 Battlepack: $1.99 / £1.59 / €1.99
  • 3 Battlepacks: $5.49 / £4.39 / €5.49
  • 5 Battlepacks: $8.99 / £7.19 / €8.99
  • 10 Battlepacks: $16.99 / £13.59 / €16.99
  • 20 Battlepacks: $29.99 / £23.99 / €29.99

Battlepacks can contain weapon skins, XP multipliers, and “puzzle pieces” that are collected to earn exclusive melee weapons. Each pack varies in quality and quantity based on the corresponding normal, “Enhanced”, or “Superior” reward tiers.

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks tiers
Rewards are normally received in multiplayer or are purchased with in-game money, but are now able to be bought with real world money.

These rewards give little to no advantage in the single-player campaign or multiplayer apart from cosmetic changes. The last two Battlefield games offered a similar reward system, but included weapon upgrades such as scopes for increased sight and gun grips for extra stability.

What’s your opinion on this matter? Is giving the option between paying for rewards and earning them a fair system, or are all microtransactions evil?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below and check out these other Battlefield 1 headlines!

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