“Battlefest” Celebration Kicks Off for Battlefield 1 Bringing Special Events, Giveaways, and More

Battlefest is a celebration for the whole Battlefield community from November 16th – 27th. Players can expect a lot of goodies including giveaways, events, in-game activations, and new missions. All you Battlefield 4 and Hardline players, don’t fret, you will also receive new missions and XP events to enjoy for this Battlefest celebration.

These events focus on team play and there are some challenges and rewards that you can only receive during this celebration.  Just by logging in sometime this week, you receive a free Battlefest dog tag that will be awarded on the 28th.

battlefest dog tag

They are also adding new custom games like Hardcore and Fog of War for you to challenge yourself. If you complete the PTFO mision during Battlefest by playing Battlefield 1 on three different days during the celebration and win a match in Operations, you will receive the PTFO weapon skin. For the Battlefield 4 and Hardline players, you can get the Road to Battlefield 1 dog tag and the M1911 Incarcerator weapon skin in Battlefield 1, if you get 25 kills with the M1911 in either game. There will also be new Battlefest themed Battlepacks.

On Friday the 18th you can battle the games developers during #FridayNightBattlefield where you can earn an exclusive Friday Night dog tag. Also on the 18th, players will receive double XP the whole day. Any players who have played Battlefield 3, 4, and Hardline will receive a Veteran dog tag and the players who have been a part of the Community Test Environment on Battlefield 4 or Hardline will also get a CTE Veteran dog tag. Last, but not least, on November 25th those lucky Battlefield 4 and Hardline players will get another full day of double XP!

Battlefest friday night battlefield

Are you excited for Battlefest? Which dog tags are you hoping to receive in this years event? Let us know in the comment section below and check back with DFTG for all your gaming news!

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