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Fantastic Beasts sequel

The Harry Potter spin-off movie series Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is off to a great start,...

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Beyond Skyrim - Bruma

A massive new mod named ‘Beyond Skyrim: Bruma’ has arrived for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, touting an enormous amount of...

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The past few weeks have seen its fair share of news suggesting that last year’s Overwatch Summer Games will be...

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Microsoft's E3 2017

With E3 2017 having officially wrapped, some developers and publishers have been revealing that they intentionally withheld news and...

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Destiny 2's reworked Clan system

Bungie has historically had a rather low-tech approach to their clan system within Destiny, the futuristic MMORPG whose sequel...

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Game of Thrones is returning for its seventh season on July 16, and fans are chomping at the bit...

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Patch

Mr. PlayerUnknown himself took to the Steam forums yesterday to reveal a preview for this week’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds patch. Developer...

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Episode Ignis

With Final Fantasy XV Episode Prompto DLC arriving tomorrow, Square Enix has gone ahead and announced the release date of Episode...

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Behaviour's Dead By Daylight

When developer Behaviour’s Dead By Daylight launched last year for PC, it spun the survival horror genre on its head. Instead...

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Elder Scrolls Legends fans upset about some new cards within Heroes of Skyrim

At some point during Bethesda’s unofficial ploy to get The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim onto every gaming platform known to man,...

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