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Skilled Battlefield 1 Players are Getting Banned for Playing Too Well
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Skilled Battlefield 1 Players are Getting Banned for Playing “Too Well” (VIDEO)

It’s a tale older than time itself. You’re playing an FPS multiplayer for the first time and you get yourself killed in...

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Splatoon is on sale in the eShop
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Nintendo is Having a Huge eShop Sale Ahead of Tomorrow’s Switch Event

Nintendo’s highly anticipated presentation for their upcoming console, the Switch, is almost upon us! The yet-to-be-released console has been taking...

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Gears of War 4
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New Gears of War 4 Patch Adds Maps, Cards, and Rage Quit Penalties

There’s a new patch available for Gears of War 4 from developer, The Coalition, and it adds quite a few...

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Video games inspire creativity in many people that play them. Some create wildly-colorful fan drawings of Pokémon, while others write...

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s Pre-Order DLC is Now Free For Everyone

Those who are tired of missing out on the numerous day-one exclusives offered by the too-many-to-count retailers can now...

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Hacked! NES Classic Edition Modified to Include More Games

Retro nostalgia was had by all when the NES Classic Edition dropped this holiday season. Though the games packaged with the miniature...

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All-In-One ‘Super Retro Boy’ Can Play All Your Game Boy Games

Though Nintendo may have laid to rest the Game Boy brand many years ago, fans of the portable console may...

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Pokemon Snap

The fan-favorite Nintendo 64 game, Pokémon Snap, has arrived on a Nintendo Wii U near you! The photography-based game made...

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Archer and crew

Deadline reported FX’s plans for the move earlier today that new episodes of the popular animated show Archer will no...

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Ben Affleck May Not Direct Future Batman Movie – “It’s Not a Set Thing”

Though it was previously reported that DC’s upcoming Batman solo film will indeed be directed by Ben Affleck, the actor recently...

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