Predator Sequel

The Predator Sequel Gets Pushed Back Once Again – Summer 2018 Release

1987 saw the release of the first Predator movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It pitted man against a race of aliens who hunt other species of beings for sport. The movie initially received…

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State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2’s “Substantially Larger” World Is Perfect for Splitting Up

State of Decay 2 is  going to include a “substantially larger” world as well as the ability for co-op players to separate, something players often look for in titles such as this….

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Respawn Keeps Their Distance After EA Bashes Competition

Yesterday, Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment publicly distanced themselves from the official Titanfall Twitter account after one of its posts took a jab at the new Call of Duty game. This news…

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Halo Wars 2 Multiplayer – Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft is set to release the game Halo Wars 2 next year, but we got a special sneak peek at the new multiplayer modes. There are multiple options for you…

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LEGO Harry Potter Now Available on PS4

PlayStation announced yesterday that they have remastered and released all 7 years of LEGO Harry Potter on one disk for PlayStation 4 players to enjoy! Every moment of the series…

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