Fortnite Battle Royale’s 50 v 50 Mode Returning Soon For A Limited Time

Last December, Epic Games brought a massive 50 v 50 Mode to Fortnite Battle Royale. The different format was something quite unique for the title however it wasn’t necessarily good,…

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Private Crews

Sea Of Thieves Receiving Private Crews In Response To Brig Misuse

Sea of Thieves has a wonderful feature which allows players to vote to lock another in the brig. While some players use this as a joke to lock unruly friends…

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Rick and Morty Facehugger Funko POP! Now Available

Rick and Morty continues to be the show that people can’t stop talking about. Now that we’re not all fighting over szechuan sauce, we can move onto other (more important) matters … like…

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FUNKO Breakfast Cereals

FUNKO Breakfast Cereals Coming Soon To A Bowl Near You

Funko is a wonderful collectibles company bringing fans delightful figures such as their infamous POP! brand.  The company has been delivering adorable vinyl figures from pop culture characters known throughout…

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Skin Traders Selling Their Stocks Due To Controversial Changes

Skin Trading is a major component of games like Counter Strike which allows players to potentially make real world money through buying and selling different cosmetics. Recent changes to the…

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Returns To D1’s Former Glory With Upcoming Changes

Destiny 2 has seen a huge loss of its playerbase since its release but as 2018 continues on, the team at Bungie remains dedicated to making things right for their…

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Master Chief Collection Update

Halo: Master Chief Collection Feedback Highly Desired By 343 Industries For The Future Revival Update

The Halo: Master Chief Collection came out onto the Xbox One back in 2014. While the campaign was praised for its impressive visual improvements, the multiplayer was seen to have…

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Left 4 Dead 3 Teaser Posted By Fake Valve Dev Debunked

With iconic franchises such as Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 Dead, it’s easy to give in to the temptation of believing a new game is just around the corner. A…

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Gold Edition Razer Phone

Ring In The Chinese New Year With The Revealed Gold Edition Razer Phone

Though not everybody may celebrate the Chinese New Year, it’s an important event for many. To commemorate the coming of the Lunar New Year, a new Gold Edition Razer phone…

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Monster Hunter World Future Event Scheduled, Including Upcoming Street Fighter Quest

Monster Hunter World recently arrived allowing both experienced and newbee Hunters to challenge the “New World” alongside friends and their Palicoe comrades. While the game is lengthy already, Capcom has…

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