Battlefield V

Battlefield V: Why DICE Continues With Single Player War Stories

Many of the upcoming and current shooter franchises are dropping classic single player campaigns. Meanwhile, the Battlefield continues to put a lot of emphasis on its Battlefield V single player…

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Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 Possibly Set In London

Capcom announced the return of the Devil May Cry series during the massive E3 event this year with a tantalizing new trailer. While there were few details introduced with the…

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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Warmind Expansion Finally Reveals The Mysterious Exo Stranger’s Identity

The Exo Stranger of the original Destiny has remained on of franchise’s longest standing mysteries that many assumed would never be answered. The character played an integral part in Destiny’s…

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Dragon Age 2 Returns On The Xbox One With Backwards Compatibility

Another wonderful title from the last generation of consoles has found itself onto Xbox One’s backwards compatibility program. Dragon Age 2 has arrived giving players the opportunity to play through…

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Fortnite Battle Royale’s 50 v 50 Mode Returning Soon For A Limited Time

Last December, Epic Games brought a massive 50 v 50 Mode to Fortnite Battle Royale. The different format was something quite unique for the title however it wasn’t necessarily good,…

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Private Crews

Sea Of Thieves Receiving Private Crews In Response To Brig Misuse

Sea of Thieves has a wonderful feature which allows players to vote to lock another in the brig. While some players use this as a joke to lock unruly friends…

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Rick and Morty Facehugger Funko POP! Now Available

Rick and Morty continues to be the show that people can’t stop talking about. Now that we’re not all fighting over szechuan sauce, we can move onto other (more important) matters … like…

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FUNKO Breakfast Cereals

FUNKO Breakfast Cereals Coming Soon To A Bowl Near You

Funko is a wonderful collectibles company bringing fans delightful figures such as their infamous POP! brand.  The company has been delivering adorable vinyl figures from pop culture characters known throughout…

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive Skin Traders Selling Their Stocks Due To Controversial Changes

Skin Trading is a major component of games like Counter Strike which allows players to potentially make real world money through buying and selling different cosmetics. Recent changes to the…

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner Returns To D1’s Former Glory With Upcoming Changes

Destiny 2 has seen a huge loss of its playerbase since its release but as 2018 continues on, the team at Bungie remains dedicated to making things right for their…

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