PT Remake On PC Is Scary Close To The Original

PT Remake On PC Is Scary Close To The Original

In 2014 a demo appeared on PS4 that was a strange little game with what would eventually have an even stranger history. PT, or “Playable Teaser” engaged players to figure out the ending, at which time they were treated to an announcement for Silent Hills. The demo disappeared from the PlayStation Store in 2015, making the teaser a cult hit among fans who still explore and discover new secrets in the game.

While many fans have attempted to remake PT, this latest incarnation is scary close to the original PS4 release, having players once more delve into the looped and haunted corridor. Artur Łączkowski released it on and according to those who have given it a try the game is very close to the original experience. Of course, with the game being gone to all except those who originally downloaded it, the difficulty is fairly high for getting it just right.


Konami has previously squashed other PT remakes in the past with the most recent one taking place in July. The creator, Qimsar, was offered an internship at Konami which means that there may be a silver lining for this creator as well. Time will tell in the end whether or not Konami pursues any action, in the meantime fans can still dig in and see what all the underground fuss is about.

All PT goodness aside, Konami’s Castlevania was recently renewed for a third season with Netflix. Meanwhile, Kojima is still sticking it to Konami with the development of Death Stranding after recently snagging a Metal Gear Solid actor for their voice cast. Be sure to keep up with Don’t Feed the Gamers for all of your gaming news needs.

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