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ARGcast #151: Nintendo Handhelds with Andre Tipton

Now we’re playing with portable power as Andre Tipton of Real Otaku Gamer joins us to talk about Nintendo...

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ARGcast: Hunting Dinosaurs in Turok with Bill Gardner (PODCAST)

We hit the jungle to hunt dinosaurs and aliens in the Turok franchise with former BioShock designer Bill Gardner...

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ARGcast #150: Video Game Bang, Marry, Kill with Kinsey Burke

We celebrate our 150th episode with Kinsey Burke of MetalJesusRocks playing a game of Bang, Marry, Kill with our...

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ARGcast #149: Accessibility in Gaming with Steven Spohn of AbleGamers

Steven Spohn of AbleGamers comes on the show to school us on game accessibility, what it actually means, and...

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ARGcast #148: The Games That Changed Us with Sean Baptiste

Bethesda’s own Sean Baptiste comes on the show to talk to us about the games that changed us including...

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ARGcast #147: Sega Saturn with "The Immortal" John Hancock

Game collector “The Immortal” John Hancock from MetalJesusRocks joins us to chat about the Sega Saturn, its game library,...

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ARGcast #146: POC Protagonists in Gaming with Kahlief Adams

Kahlief Adams from Spawn On Me joins us to take a look at the best and worst examples of...

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ARGcast #144: The History of Video Game Publisher LJN

David and Robert taste the rainbow as they look back on infamous video game publisher LJN and the number...

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We kick off 2019 with our hopes and predictions for the new year in gaming with the Boston Bastard...

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ARGcast #142: Arcade Sports with Tim Kitzrow and Michael Mendheim

BOOMSHAKALAKA! NBA Jam announcer Tim Kitzrow and Mutant Football League creator Michael Mendheim join us to talk arcade sports...

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