ARGcast: Nintendo Handhelds With ‘Real Otaku Gamer’ (PODCAST)

ARGcast #151: Nintendo Handhelds with Andre Tipton

Now we’re playing with portable power as Andre Tipton of Real Otaku Gamer joins us to talk about Nintendo handhelds in history!

Take us on the go, ARGonauts! Friend of the show Andre Tipton of Real Otaku Gamer comes back on to discuss Nintendo handhelds. That includes everything from the Game & Watch to the now 8-year-old Nintendo 3DS.

This week has us catching up with the news about the new Pokemon games Sword and Shield. That’s followed by new announcements for fighting games Samurai Shodown and Mortal Kombat 11. Then we discuss the resurrection of a canceled Genesis game and the return of a Star Wars classic for Xbox.

The Stage of History has us celebrate portable fan favorites Pokemon Yellow and the first WarioWare. Robert then puts up his dukes with Super Street Fighter IV for 3DS in Obscura. Don’t forget to grab our game code giveaways, then stick around for another round of Random Select. Who could David be this time?

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