ARGcast: Video Game Bang, Marry, Kill With MetalJesusRocks’ Kinsey Burke (PODCAST)

ARGcast #150: Video Game Bang, Marry, Kill with Kinsey Burke

We celebrate our 150th episode with Kinsey Burke of MetalJesusRocks playing a game of Bang, Marry, Kill with our favorite video game franchises.

Time to get down and dirty, ARGonauts! Friend of the show Kinsey Burke from MetalJesusRocks returns to help us celebrate our 150th episode. And what better way to celebrate than with a game of Bang, Marry, Kill? We look at a whole bunch of our favorite gaming franchises and characters in a whole new light. Hope you’re ready!

There’s no news or Random Select this week since we wanted to devote our episode more to Bang, Marry, Kill. We do have the Stage of History, though! There’s the beginning tale of souls and swords with Soul Edge. Then our inner weenies are unleashed with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Robert reminisces about the ultimate team-up with Battletoads & Double Dragon in Obscura. Our episode ends on a more heartfelt note reminiscing over our favorite memories from 150 episodes of ARGcast. Let us know your favorites!

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