ARGcast #118: The Cutest Retro Games with Starlight Skyes

ARGcast #118: The Cutest Retro Games with Starlight Skyes

Twitch streamer Starlight Skyes joins us to fawn over the cutest retro games in history, and how the cute aesthetic can be both effective and disarming!

Let’s cute ’em up, ARGonauts! We welcome onto the show Twitch streamer Starlight Skyes to talk about cute retro games, and how cute characters in games may hide more than meets the eye. Not only that, we also have responses from listeners like you! Let us know your favorite cute games in history also at our Discord.

ARGcast #118: The Cutest Retro Games with Starlight Skyes

We first hit the news this week with word that the World Health Organization has decreed video game addiction as a disease which sparks quite the debate. That’s followed by the latest rumors over Google joining the gaming hardware race, OG Xbox system architect Rob Wyatt joining the Atari VCS team, a Namco combo pack worth checking out, a Darius collection making it’s way to Japan, and (finally) Shenmue HD Collection getting a release date.

In the Stage of History, we welcome some cute titles to get us in the mood with Yoshi’s Story and Pikmin. Robert then picks up the beat with Patapon in Obscura. Be sure to nab our game code giveaways for Dead by Daylight and Just Shapes & Beats, and then stick around for another round of Random Select! Who could David be this time?

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