Apex Legends Drops Season Six Trailer And Introduces Rampart (VIDEO)

Apex Legends Rampart

As Season 5: Fortune’s Favor begins to end, Respawn has dropped a new trailer for Season 6: Boosted revealing the latest character in Apex Legends Rampart. The cinematic trailer features bright colors and upbeat music and a chain of events that happens in reverse and ends with a Rampart in a room surrounded by the other Legends as she introduces them to Sheila, her gatling turret.

The trailer seems to take place at the drill site on the World’s Edge map that was introduced in Season 3. There is still some speculation on potential passive abilities with the introduction of a new character, such as the barrier Bangalore can be seen shooting through. The barrier seems to protect incoming shots, but amplifies outgoing rounds. Of course there has yet to be clarification on Rampart’s abilities but one can assume based from the cinematic.

Respawn has consistently been teasing new content for Apex Legends this season in game and on Twitter by showing construction signs that had been spray painted with an “All Hail Sheila” as well as offering fans enigmatic audio diaries from Legends who are both known and yet to be known. Season 5: Fortune’s Favor also hinted at a possible new map with the addition of a quest line accessible through the gathering of treasure packs. Though, you were only allowed to claim a treasure pack once per day.

With the introduction of Rampart in Apex Legends Season 6: boosted is sure to include a new battle pass which will include skins and collectibles as well as the Volt SMG which was originally introduced (and a fan favorite) in Titanfall 2.

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