Anthem Update Adds Elysian Caches, Legendary Missions, And So Much More

Anthem Update

The new Anthem update has officially arrived, and it is absolutely massive. BioWare has been taking in all of the feedback from players who have been vocal with their concerns since launch day, and they’ve brought a good chunk of it together with update 1.0.4.

As outlined on the Anthem subreddit, the new update brings a lot of new goodies for players to enjoy as well as fixes some of the bugs that have been plaguing the game. Elysian Chests have been introduced to make Strongholds a bit more enticing. Players will be able to earn Elysian Keys through the completion of daily quests, and then use them to open the Elysian Caches after defeating a Stronghold’s boss. There are currently 67 items available through the Elysian Caches, and there will never be duplicates.

In addition to this, Legendary Missions have arrived for those looking for more of a challenge. These will allow players to “replay critical path missions again with a much higher difficulty level.” Only one of them will be available per day, but there is no cap as to how many times it can be completed each day.

There have been another round of loot changes and a bounty of bug fixes as well as a host of other additions. We’ve gathered some of the important bits for you below, but the patch notes can be viewed in full right here. Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as this story develops, and for other gaming goodness going on right now, check out the following:

What say you, gamers? Are you glad to see all of the new changes implemented in Anthem? Have you been enjoying the game, despite what others have been saying about it? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7! Without further ado, here are a few of the highlights from Anthem’s 1.0.4 update:


  • Legendary Missions: Allows you to replay critical path missions again with a much higher difficulty level. One mission will be available per day that has no limit on the number of times it can be completed. These missions offer a new challenge and require team coordination to achieve victory!

  • Elysian Caches: Earn Elysian Keys by completing daily challenges. These keys can be used on Elysian Caches, which appear at the end of each Stronghold after the boss is defeated to unlock vanity and crafting materials. Opening an Elysian Cache creates loot for each member of the Expedition. There are 67 unique vanity unlocks available, including vinyls, victory poses, emotes and arrivals. You will never get a duplicate vanity item! This is our first version of the ruleset for Elysian Caches in the game and we’ll look forward to your feedback and the data we gather from your play.

Loot Changes:

  • Chests now have a chance to drop additional items and crafting materials in Strongholds, Freeplay and Missions.

  • Apex creatures now have a chance to drop additional loot, similar to the change made to chests. (Apex creatures include: Ursix, Titans, Furies and Escari/Luminaries)

  • On GM1 difficulty and higher, Stronghold bosses will now drop more loot with a chance at additional masterwork and legendary items.

Nvidia Highlights:

  • Added support for Nvidia Highlights to capture screenshots and game clips automatically:

    • Visiting and viewing overlooks

    • Defeating certain large creatures.

    • Performing multi-kills

    • Defeating legendary creatures

    • Discovering the Tombs of the Legionnaires

    • Performing combos

    • When the player is downed by enemies.

    • Defeating bosses

PC Settings:

  • Added Field of View sliders for various cameras in-game:

    • Ground FOV: Adjusts the field of view of the camera during on foot gameplay.

    • Zoomed FOV: Adjusts the field of view of the camera while your weapon is zoomed.

    • Flight FOV: Adjusts the field of view of the camera during flight.

    • Swim FOV: Adjusts the field of view of the camera while underwater.

    • Pilot FOV: Adjusts the field of view of the camera when out of your javelin.

AFK Timer:

  • Reduced the AFK auto-kick timer from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

Nvidia DLSS Support:

  • Support for Deep Learning Super-Sampling is now available on Nvidia RTX-based video cards.


  • Improved performance on gameplay effects that were updating or running often to reduce performance strain.

    • Example effects include things like:

      • UI

      • Weather

      • Time of Day

      • Level Art with Animated Props

The Forge:

  • The Forge can now be accessed via the main menu while you’re in Ft. Tarsis or the Launch Bay.

  • There is no longer a loading screen when entering the Forge.



  • Fixed an issue where a second pilot could enter the Tombs of the Legionnaires quest before acquiring the quest.

  • Fixed an issue where performance could potentially drop in rescue sentinel world events with outlaws.


  • Heart of Rage: Fixed party gather that was sending players back to the previous arena.

  • Heart of Rage: Fixes to fog walls blocking access to enemies.

  • Heart of Rage: Removed fog walls that could prevent the player from progressing.

  • Heart of Rage: Fixed issue where late joining players would spawn in lava and in a downed state.

  • Temple of the Scar: Fixed issues with fog walls could prevent the player from progressing.

  • Tyrant Mine: Door leading underground opens when first player arrives now instead of waiting for all players to arrive.

  • Tyrant Mine: Fixed an exploit where you could double loot from the Swarm Tyrant.

  • General: Fixed an issue where strongholds were disappearing from the map, so they could not be selected.


  • Finding Old Friends: Fixed waypoint markers if player proceeds without collecting the relics.

  • Imposter: Removed fog wall where players can get trapped.

  • See in the Dark: Fixed performance on Xbox One X when getting close to the echo lock.

  • Matthias mission: Fixed pathfinding for Elementals that could get stuck behind a chest.

  • Fixed issue with cinematic freezing during the third Dax mission.

  • What Freelancers Do: Fixed ammo depots popping into the world.

  • Clarified objective text on how players can collect Corium.

  • Incursion: fixed a number of voice over issues.

  • Fixed a number of loot exploits in Matthias Legendary Contracts.


  • Respawn timer no longer resets after a revive attempt by another player is interrupted.

  • Fort Tarsis: Fixed an issue where the camera went under the terrain when getting a legendary contract from Matthias.

  • Fort Tarsis: Fixed an issue where Commander Vule could appear in two locations at once.

  • Fort Tarsis: Reduced the length of time NPCs glance away from player during conversations to stay more focused on the player.

  • Low health warning now correctly states “Low Armor”

  • Fixed grammatical issue in The Legion of Dawn library entry.

  • The First Cypher journal entry has been moved to the Cyphers section.

  • Audio: Cancelled audio when the player cancels out of launching an expedition.


  • Fixed text for several Masterwork items that caused incorrect % values for ultimate charge, the functionality has not changed :

    • Ranger Frag Grenade (Last Argument)

    • Interceptor Venom Spray (Viper’s Bite)

  • Fixed text in the Forge where statistic bars for gear was showing as “Status” when it should say “Effect”:

    • Acid Effect

    • Ice Effect

    • Fire Effect

    • Electric Effect

  • Fixed an issue where the Spark beam visual effect would not be present when turning away from the player using it.

  • Fixed Masterwork Gear so that they now progress the Uncommon, Rare and Epic challenges of that Gear.

Javelin Components:

  • The Mark of Ruin and Amulet of Winter Storm Masterwork components should now correctly be applying their respective bonuses, have their corrected text and icons, and should be functional.

  • Fixed an issue with the Mark of Clarity Storm component showing a 0 sec cooldown, now correctly shows 1 second.

  • Fixed text for Interceptor Double-Edged Inscription component to be more clear on effects:

    • “Increases all damage dealt by X% of base and reduces damage resistance by X%.”

  • Fixed text for several Masterwork items that caused incorrect % values for ultimate charge, the functionality has not changed :

    • Badge of Devastation (Masterwork Ranger Component)

    • Emblem of Destruction (Masterwork Colossus Component)

  • Fixed an issue where the Ablative Shielding (Masterwork Colossus Component) was not correctly granting the additional armor and shields noted in the text. This is updated on the player stats, but may not be resolved for the UI stat bars for the component.


  • Fixed statistic bar for weapons in Forge UI where “Magazine Size” was incorrectly labeled “Clip Size”.

  • Fixed an error where the Thunderbolt of Yvenia’s lightning damage wasn’t scaling correctly for the Storm javelin.

  • Fixed text for Artinia’s Gambit (Masterwork Relentless LMG) to be more informative of effect:

    • Upgraded Relentless: Best balanced gun in this class. Detonates a combo explosion on primed targets in the area upon reloading


  • Adjusted an error with secondary player damage scaling (combos, status effects, ultimates, melee) where unequipped item slots were not identified correctly for damage scaling.

  • Fixed an issue where ultimate charge (20 charge) wasn’t correctly being awarded to players when reviving a downed teammate.

  • Fixed an issue where “Weakpoint Hit” triggers were unintentionally counted when hitting enemy shields.

  • Fixed an issue where the amount of armor segments displayed on the player HUD was incorrect when compared to their actual armor values. This is only the UI half of the reported “health bug” problem.

  • Fixed an issue where players could load into an expedition without having all of their inscription bonuses properly loaded. This would result in various problems (less shields, health, max ammo, etc) on the Javelin. We believe this should resolve the non-UI aspect of the reported “health bug” problem as this should now correctly load javelin health/shields.

  • Fixed a problem where a player could be more easily killed through shields and armor when first entering the game for the first time on a new client build.

  • Fixed an issue where swapping weapons at the start of the Storm Ultimate would give you a full heal without using the Ultimate charge.


  • Fixed an issue where the lightning effect and abilities would leave a shader effect on the Korox creature unintentionally.

  • Fixed an issue where defeated creatures would sometimes go back into idle ragdoll positions unintentionally.

  • Additional reduction and tuning to health of The Monitor boss fight in the Heart of Rage stronghold


  • Corrected several inscriptions where the magazine size was referred to as “clip”. Fixed to say “magazine” or “mag” (e.g. +X% Weap Mag Size”).

  • The hip fire inscription bonus will no longer be applied to Sniper Rifles.

  • The “Support +X% Luck” inscription has had its text changed to “+X% Luck”.

  • The Weapon Reload stat inscription was not correctly applying to player weapons and has been corrected

  • Fixed text on Blast Damage inscription so that it no longer includes “Weap” in the text to more clearly convey that it applies to all blast damage not just to weapons.

  • The text for Shield Refresh and Shield Delay inscriptions were incorrectly swapped on items and have been corrected. These inscriptions will now reflect the intended effect:

    • Shield Delay: Increases the speed at which your shield recharges

    • Shield Refresh: Reduces the time between when your shield breaks and when it starts regenerating

  • The “+X% Pistol Ammo” inscription has been updated and now specifically references the Heavy Pistol “+X% Hvy Pistol Ammo”.


  • Fixed a number of issues that could cause the game to crash

  • Players can now “Junk” items much faster in their vault.

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly interaction points now directly link the player to the Cortex entry

  • Fixed a number of issues that would cause players to be unable to interact with objects or players.

  • Match consumables now sort by rarity then alphabetically

  • Quickplay instances will no longer be allowed to spawn into missions older than 15 minutes.

  • Fixed an issue where a small number of players could not craft items and would continue to receive Common (white) and Uncommon (green) drops after hitting level 30.


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