Agony Developer Announces New Horror Game “Paranoid” (VIDEO)

Many gamers were disappointed when Agony was released, but in censored form. However, Madmind Studio righted that wrong by releasing the Unrated version just before Halloween. That said, the developer…

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Agony Unrated Suddenly Appears On Steam

Without a shadow of a doubt, Madmind Studios has been through their fair share of ordeals regarding their controversial property titled Agony. Unfortunately, the game wasn’t as widely received as…

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Agony Developer Cancels Unrated PC Version Of The Game

Agony Developer Cancels Unrated PC Version Of The Game

Earlier this month, Agony developer Madmind Studio announced that it was working on ‘Agony Unrated,’ an unrated version of the game that features additional content, and changes suggested by the…

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Agony Release Date

Agony Release Date Announced In Horrifying New Trailer (VIDEO)

The time has finally arrived for fans to learn the highly-anticipated Agony release date. The game has seen its fair share of bumps in the road during development, but it…

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New Agony Story Trailer Too NSFW To Show You, But We Totally Will (VIDEO)

WATCH: New Agony Trailer Features The Red Goddess And Her Minions

Agony is summing up to be one of the more interesting titles we’ve ever heard of. The upcoming title is a survival-horror game by Madmind Studio, and the imagery we’ve…

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New Agony Gameplay Showcases the Floating Forest and Various Gameplay Mechanics

More and more regarding this first-person, survival horror game has gradually released on the official YouTube and Steam store. Madmind Studios just released another official Agony gameplay video that features…

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Agony – Horror Game Kickstarter Project by Madmind Studio (VIDEO)

Madmind Studio and PlayWay have launched a Kickstarter on a new horror project titled Agony. Watching the trailer here from their official Kickstarter – it is, in the best way…

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