Happy Hop – An Adorable New Mobile Game REVIEW

Put down your adorable animal videos and strap yourselves in for a cuteness overload! Happy Hop is an adorable, addictive, and easy to play mobile game

Happy Hop

Happy Hop is a simple “endless hopper” in which you play as various “Mimos” who have escaped from their home game and are now on their own adventure! Think of them like cute…seal like animals that sometimes dress as other animals, or even are other animals. It’s…really friggin’ kawaii!

Basically, you play as a tiny Mimo who hops from one platform to the next. But there are lots of different things to get in your way. Platforms that disappear, fall apart, or have spikes are just a few. The game is pretty simple to play, but can get you caught up and, as you can see from above, sometimes you jump on a cloud instead of a platform.

Happy Hop

As if the adorable critters weren’t enough, the game has a pretty catchy song that you can play along to, encouraging cheers, and the mimo makes sounds that destroy the soul with adorableness!

The most fun I have with this game is unlocking new Mimos. There are hearts and stars throughout the level. The hearts fill your meter and allow you to keep jumping. Run out of hearts, and you’re done with that stream of hops. The stars are where it’s at though! Collect 100 stars and you get to unlock a new Mimo in “Mimo Land”. You can collect stars in the levels, by watching advertisements, or beating up an adorable pinata until it explodes. You can get these pinatas in the levels, by completing challenges, or waiting for a few hours for a new one to be unlocked.

Happy Hop

Once you get a new Mimo you can play in their level, which can sometimes present you with new landscapes, and even some dangerous challenges!

Mimos come from the game Sweet Sins, support characters that aid battle ready characters that represent the seven deadly sins on a quest for redemption! This game is another pretty rad title from Platonic Games, a simple “endless runner”/”casual cut-em-up”, and you can unlock Mimos in Happy Hop by playing this game too!

Happy Hop is one of several great titles from the dynamic duo Valeria and Álvaro, founders of Platonic Games in Madrid, Spain. Though the company is inching towards celebrating its 2nd year in publishing mobile games they’re sure to make an impact as they continue producing unique, fun, challenging, and absolutely adorable games! Keep an eye out for new things, and happy hopping!

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