YouTubers Show You What Life is Like as a Self-Aware NPC (VIDEO)

If you are a fan of Role Playing Games (RPGs), then you are familiar with Non-Player Characters, or NPCs. These characters are either key to the flow of questing or used to provide an immersive populated environment for your gaming experience. As the hero of the game, it may seem like NPCs aren’t really that big of a deal and you probably rarely think twice about skipping dialogue or stealing trinkets from the pockets of these added characters. Have you ever had a moment, though, where you stop and think, “I wonder what their lives are like,” or “I wonder what the game looks like from their perspective.” You haven’t? Well someone did and they decided to create an amazing series showcasing the life of one Epic NPC Man.

The creative minds of YouTube channel Viva La Dirt League bring to life the curious, yet not far ranging, adventures of the daily life of a video game NPC. These short videos are not only hilarious, absurd, and wildly accurate to video game logic, but they may just make you think twice before skipping that line of dialogue. Okay probably not, but still these videos are hilarious. One of the best things about them is if you are a player of RPGs like Skyrim or World of Warcraft, a lot of these situations are hilariously familiar. Check out their full EPIC NPC MAN playlist here.

As far as video game parody content goes, the folks at Viva La Dirt League get top marks for hilarity and a bonus for the undeniable accuracy of the wackiness of video game logic. So far they have only produced 2 seasons of these short clips but given the quality of the humor, I’d say it’s well worth the time to watch them all. You will not regret it!

As gamers, I’m sure we can all relate to a lot of these situations. Which do you think is the most hilarious? We’d love to hear any thoughts you have so hit us up in the comments below. Also if you don’t already follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter be sure to check it out, and stay tuned right here keep updated on gaming and entertainment news.

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