Upcoming Update for Xbox One Permits File Transfers to Xbox One X and More – Get the Details Here!

Mike Ybarra, who is the Xbox Head of Design, revealed at Gamescom 2017 that a bunch of new features are coming with the latest Xbox One update. Don’t Feed the Gamers has been updating the readers about everything Xbox has revealed so far, but now we know that players can expect file transfers between the Xbox One and Xbox One X systems and a “light mode”.

In the photo below, gamers can get an idea of what to expect when it’s time to transfer their info from the Xbox One to the fancy new Xbox One X. Players will need to prepare before getting the new system by downloading all of the 4K content for the games they own ahead of time, so that it will all be ready for the new system. They should also make sure to back up all their settings and preferences too so it can be ready for transfer. At this point, move everything to an external hard drive OR just transfer it all through your home network, whichever you prefer.

xbox one x

The other new feature Xbox One light mode, does just that, it lightens all the windows on the interface from the normal dark screens. They’re hoping it will help the menus stand out more and the player will get to choose which screen they prefer. Readers can see an example of the new light mode in the photo below:

That is pretty damn sweet! What do you think of the new changes? Do you plan to purchase an Xbox One X? Let us know in the comment section below and then make sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter if you want to stay updated with all the news pouring out of Gamescom! If you haven’t caught up on all the other Gamescom 2017 announcements so far, then read some of the awesome updates below:

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