Xbox One Holiday Update Rolls Out Loads of New Features – Check it Out!

Xbox One Holiday

It is the holiday season, y’all, and Xbox One launched their annual update today. This time around, the main focus for Microsoft was all about making it easier for players to connect and socialize. The most notable features are Clubs and LFGs (Looking for Groups), according to Scott Henson of the Xbox Engineering team. Here are the new features:

Achievement Rarity

Based on player feedback, Achievement Rarity allows players to discover and understand how rare some achievements. It is displayed by a diamond icon for transparency.

Clubs for Xbox Live

Personally, this seems self-explanatory. It’s like creating a guild or a community for Xbox One Live members. Anyone and everyone’s mother can create a club complete with logo and all. Voice chat is available cross platform, as well, for convenient communication whether you’re on the computer, iOS, and Android device.

Xbox One Holiday


The use of emojis are now available on the virtual keyboard! When the time comes and you want to brag to your friends how fire your recent Rocket League games have been.

They definitely worked hard to bring out a lot of features this year too. Some of these may be less titillating than others, for some. But, as aforementioned, the main focus was more convenient socializing capabilities.

Group Messaging for Xbox Live

This feature allows you to “coordinate and keep in touch” with others by sending a group message via Xbox Live. So, pretty much group texting a bunch of people without having to have their cellphone number. I would assume you would need to have these people on your Friends list, or in a group (like the Clubs feature), to contact them.

Xbox One Holiday

Gamerscore Leaderboard

The improved Gamerscore Leaderboard is now live on the Xbox One and Xbox app on Windows 10 gadgets. According to Xbox Wire, the leaderboard resets at the beginning of each month. Say bye-bye to constant fear of inferiority, and hello to “It’s a new month, I have a fresh start to make it to the top!”

Looking for Group (LFG) for Xbox Live

In essence, the Xbox engineering team has created a lobby area for players before entering any games, as long as you have Xbox Live. Or it’s like an “Looking for…” ad on Craigslist. So if you’re not careful, trolls visiting your lobby may be inevitable. What makes Xbox One’s LFG different, you may ask? You have the choice of choosing filters/requirements so you find those special someone’s to join you on achievement missions, or conquering a difficult boss.

You can choose minimum level requirements preferred, armor types, type of game, game mode, language, etc. And to assist in filtering out those trolls – you can specify the type of ambiance you’re looking for. Do you want a casual and/or friendly group environment? Check. Are you looking for a group that prefers no shit-talking? Check.

Phew, that’s a bunch! What do you think about this update, catering toward furthering the convenience of socializing with other Xbox One players? Are you happy with them, or pretty disappointed? Let us know in the comments down below!

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