We Will See Prey Gameplay at The Game Awards 2016 (VIDEO)


The Game Awards are a most joyous occasion, rife with announcements and trailers and demos, oh my! What’s not to love when Geoff Kneighley takes the stage to host what is arguably the best damn awards show there is? December 1 is just a few days away, and we couldn’t be anymore excited! Not only is there going to be a potential DOOM or Borderlands 3(fingers crossed) announcement, but we will also get to see the worldwide debut of new gameplay for Arkane Studios’ upcoming sci-fi FPS, Prey. At least, that’s what Geoff Keighley says, and he might know a thing or two.

Prey, while it is a reboot, will hopefully be everything we hoped Prey 2 would be. The original came out in 2006 and was quite the success, which led to the announcement of a sequel. Unfortunately, throughout development, it changed developers’ hands frequently. It ultimately landed in the lap of Arkane Studios(Dishonored) where it was finally scrapped. At E3 of this year, Bethesda officially announced the Prey reboot with development to be headed by Arkane Studios. That brings us to now. We’re a few days out from The Game Awards 2016. A lot is supposed to happen, and we are sure that a lot will. If anything, we know we’re getting this new Prey gameplay, and we are also getting Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay, which is going to be outstanding! Prey will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2017.

What do you think, gamers? Excited for the reboot of Prey, or still a little upset that they cancelled the sequel? Maybe now that it is rebooted, the sequel to the reboot will be better than the sequel to the original. This could turn out so much better than any of us could have imagined! In any case, be sure to check out the full list of nominees for The Game Awards 2016 before the even takes place Thursday, December 1. As always, keep it parked right here at Don’t Feed the Gamers because we like writing the things you read.

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