Watch Dogs 2 Sales Lower Than Original Game, Ubisoft Responds

Watch Dogs 2 Sales

The original Watch Dogs game was fairly well received and had one of the most successful launches for a new IP in recent gaming history, so naturally all eyes were on Ubisoft for a sequel. With enhanced hacking capabilities that made the original game unique, and a more fun and diverse take on hacker characters made Watch Dogs 2 seem like it would perform even better than the original. So far, this has not proven to be the case, as the initial Watch Dogs 2 sales have not been as high as the original.


While the sequel has indeed been a critical success so far, the first day and first week sales have been lower compared to those of the original Watch Dogs. “We’re incredibly happy with critics’ and players’ very positive reception of Watch Dogs 2, which should bolster support for the long-term success of the game,” Ubisoft said to GameSpot in a recent statement. “It is true that first-day and first-week sales for a number of big games, including Watch Dogs 2 and titles from our competitors, are comparatively lower than previous versions in previous years.”

Watch Dogs 2 Sales

However, given this setback, Ubisoft has expressed hope for this current iteration of the hacker franchise, as they believe the warm critical reception will increase interest in the new game in the coming weeks leading up to the holiday season. Ubisoft has referenced before that Rainbow Six Siege had a similar slow first week of sales that improved thanks to critical acclaim. We will have to wait and see whether Watch Dogs 2 Sales increase, or if there is a logic error in this code. What do you guys think? Have you purchased Watch Dogs 2? If you haven’t, is the critical acclaim peaking your interest? Let us know in the comments below.

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