Warner Bros. and Producer of Harry Potter Series Ogle Rights to ‘Attack on Titan’

Warner Bros. have been ogling film right to an Attack on Titan remake – a popular action manga series which debuted in Japan. It has also achieved wonderful success around the world since debuting as graphic novel in 2009. So much so, a live-action adaptation was created. Additionally, the second season of the animated version will be coming stateside by April, which is much sooner than many anticipated.

Unfortunately, the franchise has been facing some unwanted attention. There was an unfortunate homicide case in Tokyo involving Jung-hyun Park, the Chief Editor of the manga, who was arrested for allegedly killing his wife. Even though it was an event that took place last year, more information has come to light since then. Fortunately, Park has left AoT.

According to Deadline, the tycoon entertainment studio intends for the famous producer of the Harry Potter series, David Heyman, to take the reigns. In Heyman’s latest endeavor, he is currently producing sequels 2 and 3 for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and several other films. Though it isn’t clear why he was eyed for this IP, one can take an educated guess.

Attack on Titan is a darker series focused on action and gore, set in a world that gradually becomes consumed by fear. The main antagonists are called Titans – skyscraper sized humanoid ‘creatures’ that consume human beings for pleasure. To preserve themselves against the dangers of Titans, large walls were constructed to keep the beasts out. However, newer and more dangerous obstacles attempt to dismantle the long-held peace and prosperity.

Do you believe Heyman will do an adequate job as the producer for Attack on Titan? Why do you think Warner Bros. are seeking rights to a Western adaptation? What are you thoughts on Attack on Titan, in general? Feel free to submit a comment down below, we would love to hear from you!

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