The Walking Dead Stays True to the Comic in Season 7 Premiere (SPOILERS!)


(MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD – if you have NOT seen the premiere episode and wish to avoid spoilers, do not read past this line. You have been warned.) The season 7 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead was, to say the least, emotional. We finally find out who bad guy Negan killed with his favorite gal Lucille, the barbwire covered baseball bat. The thing was, it wasn’t JUST one character beat to a bloody mass in the dirt, it was TWO! Abraham and Glenn met their demise in a way that only The Walking Dead could deliver: gruesome and truly devastating.

Walking Dead Abraham and Glenn

The truly amazing aspect about the whole episode though was just how closely it matched up with the comics. (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT BELOW) We left off last season with a fun little game of “eenie meenie” that would decide the fate of one of our beloved characters. It was taken directly from the comic, take a look:

The Walking Dead season 7 premeire

Crazy, right? It’s identical! Which (after what seems like an eternity) brings us to The Walking Dead season 7 premiere. When the game is over, Lucille lands on our favorite red head Abraham, but wait a minute… that’s NOT what happened in the comic! It was supposed to be none other than soon to be daddy, Glenn.

the walking dead season 7 premiere

I don’t know about you, but I was just a little relieved when it wasn’t in fact Glenn that was chosen. Well, that was until “Big Red” threw up that peace sign to Sasha and I lost it like a big ol’ baby. One thing that was the same though was his line about cutting Carl’s other eye out if anyone moved.

walking dead comic warning

We love just how much they tried to stay true to the actual comic, as much as they could anyway. In the comic he does mention “taking it like a champ”, but in the show that line is directed towards Abraham, not Glenn. Then comes the part that ripped my heart out and stomped on it. Negan decides to kill a second person and that person is who it was meant to be all along, Glenn. That whole scene followed perfectly along the book, bulging eye and all.

walking dead season 7 premiere

All of this occured right in front of his pregnant wife Maggie, because you know, they want us all to suffer and stuff. Then he continues to beat him, just like Abraham, into so much meat on the ground that he became unrecognizable. That too was true to the comic.

walking dead comic glenn death

As you can see the show followed the comic *almost* exactly, with a few added twists and turns. Are you excited about The Walking Dead’s return? Did you guess right about who would die? Let us know down below and check in with Don’t Feed The Gamers for all the current geeky news. Here are some other amazing stories that happened this week that you might enjoy:

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