Voice Skins Could Be On The Way, Changing Gamer Voices Online

While players are able to use a variety of skins to customize the characters they choose to inhabit while playing online, they’re unfortunately unable to do much about the voice of these characters or even their own voice online. Thankfully, for those who want to fully embody a persona, a company called Modulate hopes to give them a chance to encapsulate the voice of a particular character on top of the visual aspects as well.

The Founder of Modulate, Mike Pappas, recently spoke in a blog post about what the company hopes to accomplish with the voice skins, essentially boiling the process down to creating an online profile that can be used across different communities or titles they may want to involve themselves in.

You go online and have the freedom to design your avatar, choose your username, pick what communities you jump into. You can design your online persona completely separately from who you are in the real world. Modulate gives you the complete freedom to design your online persona from scratch instead of bringing the real world with you.?”

Not only would this tech be able to be used in chatrooms, Discord servers, and more but there is the potential for the company to join up with various game developers in order to gather the proper licensing to use  different character voices such as those from Blizzard’s Overwatch. While there is voice changing software available already, Modulate’s technology aims to be indistinguishable from real human voices while being able to accurately project the voice of other people.

Voice Skins

Of course there’s always the chance that somebody will choose to use the tech for unintended purposes that could be harmful to others. The team at Modulate is well aware of what could happen and state that though it might not be perceptible to human ears, each voice skin will come with a unique watermark specific to Modulate themselves making it easier to tell whether or not a voice is real or not.

There is no set release date for when players can expect to see these voice skins hit the market however Pappas mentions that the company hopes to bring the technology into play sometime this summer. If you’d like to check out the software for yourself, head over to the Modulate website and give it a whirl. Let us know your thoughts on Modulate’s Voice Skins and more in the comments section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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