New Venom Featurette “Dark & Edgy” Released With Director Commentary (VIDEO)

New Venom Featurette "Dark & Edgy" Released (VIDEO)

Venom is due out next month and most certainly looks like a darker macabre superhero movie than what we’re used to seeing from the current Marvel slate. Courtesy of our friends over at, we have a new little featurette that shows off footage we’ve seen before in some trailers, though it also contains interviews with director Ruben Fleischer as well. In the trailer, Fleischer provides a little more context as to what fans can expect from a movie where the main protagonist is a figure we usually consider to be a villain. Check out the “Dark & Edgy” Trailer below:

Fleischer points out in the trailer that this movie is a chronicling of not only Eddie’s origin story, but how he struggles to deal with a power that lets him do pretty much anything he wants. Will Eddie retain his moral center? Or will he be corrupted by the suit’s undeniably tempting strength? This Jekyll and Hyde conflict rests at the center of Brock’s struggle with the Venom symbiote and it will be interesting to see if Eddie is able to grab a hold of his emotions while transformed, as it takes him a long time for him to do that in his comic arc.

The other main point Fleischer stresses is having Tom Hardy, one of the most sought-after mainstream actors, in the role of Eddie Brock. While Marvel is no stranger to having popular actors take up roles in the MCU movies, there hasn’t been quite an actor with as much momentum behind them as Hardy to take up a role such as this. We’ll have to see if he can live up to fans’ lofty expectations when Venom hits theaters worldwide on October 5th.

Are you excited to see the Lethal Protector’s debut next month?  Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more news regarding comic book movies and check out these other fantastic stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers:


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