Naughty Dog VP Is A “Big Fan” Of Uncharted Film’s New Director

The Uncharted film adaptation has gone through some drastic changes. Over the past few years, the film has switched directors, writers, and actors as it floundered in development hell. That isn’t uncommon in Hollywood, but it left many fans nervous about the final project. That includes Naughty Dog vice president and The Last of Us co-director Neil Druckmann, who previously expressed pessimism towards the movie. It seems like the new changes have him singing a different tune about the film’s direction.

New director Dan Trachtenberg, who previously helmed 10 Cloverfield Lane and the Black Mirror episode “Playtest”, joined the Uncharted adaptation last week. To celebrate, he tweeted out a video from 2007 where he wishes he could direct the adaptation of the game. That reflects his passion for the project and bodes well for a successful movie. In response, Druckmann gave Trachtenberg a vote of confidence.

That’s a near 180 from his relationship with the film’s previous production team. Druckmann didn’t seem to take issue with former director Shawn Levy, but he certainly didn’t care for the movie’s writer. Joe Carnahan (Smokin’ Aces) made a few snide comments about Naughty Dog’s support of the movie. Druckmann quickly slapped those words down and made it clear he did not approve of Carnahan’s take on Nathan Drake.

It appears the studio sided with Druckmann and his team over Carnahan. His script has been reworked multiple times over and shouldn’t resemble the initial draft. Rafe Judkins (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) took the first stab at a new draft, and now Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker have made further changes.

Unfortunately, we still have plenty of time between now and the film’s release. Due to all of the changes, plus star Tom Holland’s press tour for Spider-Man: Far From Home, filming has yet to begin. However, with a Naughty Dog-approved team in place, it appears that the movie’s development hell has finally come to an end.

If you can’t wait for the Uncharted movie, why not rewatch the Nathan Fillion fan-film a few more times? You’ll be happy to know that Druckmann heartily approved of that short movie.

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