Two Silent Hill Games Rumored To Be In The Works

Two Silent Hill Games

With the promise of a new generation of gaming consoles promised for the end of 2020, gamers looking forward to the industry’s future. There’s especially some potential for the return of beloved dormant game franchises. The return of Master Chief in Halo Infinite has already been confirmed for the Xbox Series X and new rumors indicate that Resident Evil 8–while several years away–is also in development. One franchise that has been silent (pardon the pun) for a while is Silent Hill, which has not seen a major non-pachinko machine release since 2012. However, one source claims that two new Silent Hill games are in the works.

Known video game information leaker AestheticGamer recently shared rumors regarding future game titles on their official Twitter account. While not the most of their revealed news, AestheticGamer shared some proper information about the Silent Hills series, stating that Konami has two new Silent Hill games possibly in development. According to the rumor (H/T Prima Games), the first game is described as a soft reboot of the core series, with it meant to feel like a main entry in the franchise. The second game is said to be a spin-off similar in gameplay to a Telltale adventure title.

Both of these projects are said to have been part of a Silent Hill games initiative “about two years ago,” where Konami “reached out to various developers to pitch ideas.” While only guessing, AestheticGamer believes that at least one of these projects will be officially announced this year and presumably for next-gen devices. While this news should be taken with a dose of skepticism, it would certainly be appreciated by many gamers to see such a classic dark franchise return to help herald a bright new future for gaming.

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