Titanfall 2 Receives Grapple Change And New Banners In Latest Update

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 has just released a new update, bringing some changes fans have been asking for. First of all, grapple is getting a change – reverting back to a two charge system. Other changes, in addition to normal bug fixes, includes elite weapon warpaints, holiday banners, and a list of upcoming featured modes that will be added to the rotation.

The team at Respawn Entertainment originally changed grapple from a two charge system down to one. But this caused some changes that were not ideal to team, causing players to change the way they played to deal with this beloved change. The changes were reverted to bring some balance back to the combat. However, for players who prefer looking stylish, the game is offering some badass looking warpaints for a weapons in players arsenal.

Check out the latest Titanfall 2 patch notes via Respawn Entertainment:

  • Patch Notes
    • Grapple has been reverted back to two charges
      • After changing grapple to one charge, we did see a small shift in tacticals players chose. However, it still is by far the most commonly picked tactical and trying to change that status quo would require adjustments that would diminish a mechanic that we and many players love. Because the earlier change was not driven by balance concerns, we’re happy to revert Grapple back to its previous state of two charges. Swing away!
    • G2 now drifts upwards as you shoot (console only)
    • Minor optimizations for X1X and PS4 Pro
  • Elite Weapon Warpaints
    • Double Take, Cold War, DMR, R-201, R-97, and the G2 all getting their Elite Warpaint treatment.
  • Holiday Banners
    • A normal and a Prism version of the banners have been added.
  • Upcoming Featured Modes
    • Turbo LTS – Last Titan Standing gametype with double core generation and dash regen rates. Everyone also has Turbo Engine kit.
    • Spicy Attrition – Attrition where everyone’s Ordnance ability is replaced with Ticks.
    • The Otherside – All Phase Attrition.
    • Rocket Arena – Live Fire with modified EPGs and autopistols.
    • Turbo Titan Brawl – Titan Brawl with double core generation and dash regen rates. Everyone also has Turbo Engine kit.

What do you think about the latest changes for Titanfall 2? What is your favorite upcoming featured mode? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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