Thranduil Comes to Life With 1:6 Scale Figure – Team Thrandy!

Ruler of the elves of Mirkwood, Thranduil is one of those characters you either love or you hate but there is one thing we can all agree on: Damn, he’s pretty. Just as his weakness happens to be gems, mine is amazingly accurate figures and Asmus Toys hit the nail on the head in bringing this benevolent, iconic character to life.

This amazing collectible is a guaranteed authentic piece that is stylized after the strong, yet suspicious Elven ruler from The Hobbit Trilogy. At standing at approximately 32 cm tall and ranking in over 36 points of articulation, the collector (and collector reviewer) in me needs to get my hands hand on this.

The aesthetic features include an incredible likeness to the actor that portrayed him in the series, Lee Pace, while utilizing several crafting mediums. A few of those mediums reflectied in the clothing as well as the character’s hair include the following according to Asmus’ site:

  • One long sleeved custom made pattern coat
  • One pair of straight pants
  • One dark blue velvet cap
  • One pair of armoured war boots

Thranduil also includes interchangeable pieces such as a few options for the hands as well as additional weapons and armour pieces to truly make this character feel authentic. After all, it wouldn’t be Thrandy if he didn’t come equipped with his battle crown!

He is also accompanied by a broken column base to give him a more battle-esque environment as well as a figure stand and an additional display base.

Take a look at the gallery above to see all of the amazing features this collectible piece has to offer as well as a way to pre-order him for your own collection! The price point for this particular figure is set at 199.95 USD as is available also through third party retailers now!

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