The Witcher Netflix Showrunner Teases Season 2’s Plot

The Witcher Netflix Showrunner Teases Season 2's Plot

Toss a coin to your Witcher, as the Netflix series’ season one debut went magnificently well, garnering praise from both fans of the original book series by Andrzej Sapkowski and fans of the hit video game series by CD Projekt RED. Now that season one is over and the memes and fan-made content has begun in earnest, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has opened up about some of what fans can expect from the next season, which has now entered pre-production.

Lauren S. Hissrich recently invaded the r/wiedzmin subreddit for The Witcher, answering fan questions while shedding some light on what’s to come. “Season one spans about thirty years for Geralt, so monsters aren’t going extinct that whole time,” Hissrich revealed when asked about Witcherse and monsters going extinct in the books. “But it’s something we delve into a lot more (in both cases) in season two.”

As one would expect, season two of the show will likely see our three main characters together (you’re a main character in my heart, Jaskier) and addressing many of the plot points from the first season. Additionally, based on Hissrich’s comments it appears that the aspect of both Witchers and monsters fading obscurity will also be a significant plot point moving forward. After all, what use is a Witcher without a monster to fight? Hissrich goes on to explain that there “was a fundamental issue” about the one needing the other in order to stay relevant. “It’s said a lot in the beginning of the books (and our series) that humans hate the Witchers, but also need them,” she wrote. “That’s the rub. Needing what you hate.”

We needed the hatred in the series, to understand why our hero was an outsider, So we made the choice to keep the monsters more present for these thirty years.”

The first season of Netflix’s The Witcher is now available on the streaming platform.

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