The Order: 1886 Sequel Reportedly In Development For PS5 And Xbox

The Order: 1886 Sequel Reportedly In Development For PS5 And Xbox

With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X later this year, the rumor mill continues to swirl with potential leaks and ramblings of what fans may or may not be able to expect from the next generation of gaming. One of the less likely scenarios has reared its head in the form of a possible sequel to The Order: 1886 despite the title’s middling levels of success.

The rumor comes by way of Gamesradar+, which reported that a known leaker by the name of OsirisBlack posted on NeoGAF about a game currently in development for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X. OsirisBlack specifically left out numerous details in order to ensure that it wasn’t a dead giveaway, though the description does seem to at least partially point towards a sequel for The Order: 1886. In summary, the leaker states that the footage they were shown is of a man walking into a room with a shoulder-mounted light and communication device, after which he is set upon by multiple large, yellow-eyed creatures. The leaker also mentions that the entirety of what they were shown save for the very end was all gameplay and that the physics and lighting are “on another level.” Here’s some more info from another of their posts further down the page:

Better description Monster walks upright until it runs across the room has four yellow eyes, four arms and two legs. Is brownish in color and stands taller than the main character until it runs across the room using all six limbs. Kind of insect like but very scary. The environment main character and monster all look real. Like not stylistic but photo realistic also I have never seen anyone use sub surface scattering to light a scene.”

OsirisBlack later mentions that the creature carries a curse that one could be “afflicted with,” another hint that points to The Order: 1886 and the werewolf antagonists. While this is still admittedly not much to go on, it is also important to note that the original The Order: 1886 was one of the first titles for the PlayStation 4 and helped show off the console’s impressive technical specs. I wouldn’t put it past the studio to be gearing up to offer an impressive launch title for both consoles this time around that will hopefully reinvigorate the IP. The Order: 1886 had an interesting story to tell, and its potential for success could still be enough to warrant a sequel.

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