The Mandalorian Finds Boba Fett In Temuera Morrison For Season 2

the mandalorian boba fett

In November 2018, Disney+ was graced with another stellar series in The Mandalorian featuring actor Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin. Created and written by Jon Favreau, this space western seized the hearts of Star Wars fans old and new around the world. After the well-received introduction of The Child (AKA baby Yoda)? Game changer. As we all anxiously await season 2, it turns out Boba Fett will appear in tow!

Returning to the Star Wars universe, Temuera Morrison will take on the role which completely befits the Jango Fett actor in Attack of the Clones. According to THR, Boba Fett will only play a small role in season two. In addition, episodic directors and even a new character will grace the small screen. Thankfully, filming for the highly-anticipated season of The Mandalorian finished before the stricter COVID-19 related protocols were set in place.

temuera morrison the mandalorian boba fett

The Disney+ series will return this October with all new episodes featuring none other than The Mandalorian and The Child. After defeating an army of storm troopers, death troopers, and nearly Moff Gideon – the hero sets off as far from Nevarro as possible. Unfortunately, lives were sacrificed for baby Yoda’s escape. In other words, go watch and complete the first season if you haven’t already! Despite the lack of updates on the progress of The Mandalorian’s next installment but it’s safe to say – people are looking forward to another wild ride with Din Djarin and his adorable green charge.

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