Nintendo Switch YouTube App Officially Goes Live

Nintendo Switch YouTube App Officially Goes Live

As watching random online videos becomes increasingly commonplace in this day and age, gaming consoles have generally opted to readily feature a handy YouTube app. However, Nintendo’s 2017 launch of…

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch May Launch YouTube App Next Week

With the Nintendo Switch quickly approaching its second year on the mark, the company is putting some focus on what it offers fans in terms of applications. While other console…

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This Multiplayer Game For Dogs Is The Most Wholesome Thing You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

This Multiplayer Game For Dogs Is The Most Wholesome Thing You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)

Ahhh, a regular day in the life of a dog. Step 1: Go outside, bark at some leaves. Step 2: Go inside, continue to be the most adorable thing ever….

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Razer Kiyo 03

Razer Kiyo: The Webcam That Comes With Its Own Professional Lighting, Back In Stock

Arguably, a key element in becoming a successful streamer in today’s booming industry is the equipment one uses to capture not only the games being played, but the player themselves….

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Why Dunkey Is Video Game Comedy Gold (VIDEO)

Sometimes a troll, completely ridiculous, blatantly truthful, or sarcastic, but nevertheless always funny. Known now as videogamedunkey or just plain old Dunkey, this YouTuber made a name for himself throughout…

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Far Cry 5’s Story Broken Down In Hilarious New Video, Plus … A Lot Of Fishing (VIDEO)

Far Cry 5 is out now and immediately the latest title from Ubisoft has been met with glorious reviews and high praise. Understandable … I mean, there’s a microwaving alien…

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Learn About Contra’s Red Falcon Organization in the Most Hilarious Way Possible (VIDEO)

OK, so … we may or may not be obsessed with the Lore YouTube channel. We’ve shared tons of their content in the past and we just can’t seem to…

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YouTubers Meg Turney and Gavin Free

YouTubers Meg Turney And Gavin Free Survive Home Invasion By Armed Fan

UPDATE: KXAN subsequently report that, contrary to that preliminary examination, it was in fact police who killed Christopher Giles. YouTubers Meg Turney and Gavin Free were the targets of a recent home…

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Shovel Knight’s Shovel Blade Created In Real Life By Talented YouTuber (VIDEO)

The world of gamers is a diverse one whether some like to admit it or not, and with that comes various talents and skills. One channel on YouTube called Man…

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Toxic Overwatch Players

Toxic Overwatch Players Are Being Hunted Down By Blizzard On Social Media (VIDEO)

Given the massive popularity of Overwatch, matters important to the game’s community have maintained their position as a priority for Blizzard. This especially rings true in the area of mitigating…

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